Stella Culinary School Podcast Episode 15| Classic Salads

SCS 015| Classic Salads & Creamy Dressings

In this episode of The Stella Culinary School Podcast, we continue our Garde Manger Course with a lesson on creamy and emulsified salad dressing, and talk about some classic salads such as the Caesar, Cobb and Louis.


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There are 10 Comments

Porkbutter's picture

There seems to be an editing error in the podcast.  Between time marks 21:15 - 24:15 it starts to discuss the Louie then cuts back to the end of the Ceasar section. 

Porkbutter's picture

Ok, here's my homework.  We're having Asian tonight, so I made a Ginger Rice Vinegar Caesar dressing to go with our dinner.  Yea, I know it's not served over Romaine as a Caesar should be, but hey, I need to use my current inventory. ;-)

jacob burton's picture

That's awesome Lance! That's what I want everyone one to do, take a culinary concept and make it their own. Great job. 200 Stella Stars!

PS: I am aware of the audio glitch, just haven't had time to get around to it yet.

jacob burton's picture

Fixed the audio issues in this episode. Let me know if you have any more problems.

Bluenoser's picture

Almost forgot to take the picture after doing my homework tonight Chef JB. It's an Asian inspired "leftover" salad. Thinly sliced romaine, julienned green pepper, chopped green onions, and a few lentils I had leftover from a soup I'd made. The dressing was a ginger/garlic stirfy oil, small amount of avocado oil and some rice wine vinegar. Poured it over the greens, tossed in the bowl and topped it with dried chow mein noodles to give it some crunch.  Happy for a chance use my brand new 8-inch Grohmann's chef's knife to make it happen.

jacob burton's picture

Sounds good. How did the final flavors turn out?

+200 Stella Stars for homework.

Bluenoser's picture

I wish. But no. Nova Scotia, Canada. They were saying it was fresh and light and will go great with summer fare. Slante!