The Five French Mother Sauces

SCS 013| Espagnole Sauce

In this episode of The Stella Culinary School Podcast, we finish our five part mother sauce series with a lesson on Sauce Espagnole. Also known as Sauce Brown, Espagnole is the base inspiration for modern day demis and pan sauces. In the discussion segment we go over the evolution of Escoffier's version of Espagnole into modern day demi-glace, and in the culinary quick tip, the three components you need to finish a pan sauce for optimum flavor balance.


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There are 4 Comments

GreenBake's picture

In the discussion of pan sauces, I believe you said that you finish a pan sauce with Fat-Acid-Seasoning... that’s it.

I like to think of memory tricks for remembering key topics and I came up with this... didn’t take much time, either... in fact it came to me real F-A-S-T:

Fat - Acid - Seasoning - That’s it (or FAST)

Which is appropriate because pan sauces are made kind of fast (at the moment) anyway.

jacob burton's picture

Ha, I love it! I'm going to use that next time I give a talk on pan reduction sauces.

Brian Campbell's picture

Great mnemonic, GreenBake!  "T" could stand for table because this is done just before serving.

janakvora's picture

Material is scattered all over, videos, text, podcast.