Stella Culinary School Podcast Episode 6| Braising, Poaching and Roasting

SCS 007| Braising, Poaching & Roasting

In this episode, we continue our three part series on basic cooking technique with a lesson on braising, poaching and roasting. In the discussion segment, Jacob answers Scott's question on becoming a chef, and some of the hurdles he will have to overcome in the process. And in the Culinary Quick Tip, we talk about Sous Vide, and how it can be applied to the braising process.


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BadmfChef's picture

Howdy, excellent work as usual Chef, great service and tight site, I will always be a part of learning and I have no idea what my last meal would be more what it would not, lol. If you are a home cook or aspiring chef follow this site. After 17 years I am returning to culinary school for an advanced certificate at Orange Coast College, If you live anywhere near Costa Mesa, Ca go here, Chef Barber and the program are top shelf and it won't cost you 100k like some do Now CIA would be great but again expense. You would love this school as much as I like this site, a lot! real tough working up from the bottom best with school and experience. I have done both. remember it is a profession. This is a community college but don't be fooled by that I have checked em all out and after years in the indusry I want to complete what I started as I know what I don't know ( my weaknesses) well I'm fixing that. Go Pirates!

karlito's picture

When braising meats and making a sauce, how does one get the meat salty but the reduced sauce not overly salty?  My meats have come out not salty and the sauce is insanely salty.