Stella Culinary School Podcast Episode 24| Let's Talk Turkey!

SCS 024| Let's Talk Turkey!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and in this episode, we talk turkey!

Discussion Segment

In the discussion segment I explain why you sould never stuff your turkey or roast it whole. Yes, I know, sacrilidge right? But as cooks, it's our job to cook and serve the best product possible by applying the appropriate technique and execution. The truth of the matter is, the various parts of a turkey should be treated as the sperate cuts they are, and you will never produce the best turkey possible when roasting the turkey whole.

Technique Segment

After I convince you not to roast your turkey whole, we discuss the best approach to cooking your turkey including:

  • Pan roasting the breast.
  • Making turkey leg roulades.
  • Spatcocking (our whole roasting compromise).
  • And sous vide preparation, cooking, and execution.

Homework Assignment

Your homework assignment for this episode is to do 1 of 2 things:

  1. Submit your Thanksgiving day question to be answered on an upcoming episode of the Stella Culinary School Podcast. This podcast will be released before Thanksgiving so you can put what you learn into action. You can submit a question by clicking on the widget in the right side bar (or the bottom of this post if you're on mobile), or by commenting on this post.
  2. If you don't have a question to submit, please share your favorite Thanksgiving day tip or memory in the comment section below.


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There are 4 Comments

Brian96797's picture

Just listened to your Turkey podcast.  I have two questions related to Sous Vide the Turkey... 1) If I want to make a roulade with the breast (suggested by Mucho in another string), would this change the cook time?  Or because the cook time is so long anyway (4 hours) it shouldn't make much of a difference.  My 2nd question has to do with the type of turkey cooked.  I am cooking a fresh ORGANIC (not my choice) turkey.  I have heard that in traditional methods that this type of turkey cooks a lot faster.  Does the sous vide (emersion circulator cooking) differ here as well (if so, need times for both breast and dark meat).

jacob burton's picture

When cooking sous vide, everything stays the same for both the organic bird and the roulade. Let me know if you have any more questions. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll be cooking for thanksgiving!

esavitzky's picture

What an awesome podcast!  Can't wait for the video.  Ready to crank up the Anova to sous vide my turkey parts.

jacob burton's picture

Thanks Elliot, glad you enjoyed the podcast episode. I just edited this episode's show notes to include 6 new turkey technique videos. Hope you enjoy them.