ACJ 027| Demi Glace and the Three Modern Mother Sauces

In this podcast I discuss Demi Glace, Glace di Viande, and how it relates to the modern mother sauce, Reduction.

This question comes in via a comment from Jyoeru Zaberu on the YouTube page for my Three Modern Mother Sauce Lecture.

"Exceptional video! Thank you so much for your detailed (and even scientific) analysis of sauce making. My MAIN question for you is ratios. What is the ratio of bone/veg/water for a stock? For a demi-glace? Etc.

I have always done my stocks well, but they always taste watery and boring. I feel like there's a ratio (in general) that should be discussed. Just as a roux is usually 1T of fat to 1T of starch (flour), I feel like there's a bone to water ratio for a rich, flavorful stock. I think it's denial on my end that keeps me from accepting this true ratio.

When I spend 20 bucks on beef bone (about 5 pounds), I want this to be enough bone for a pot full of rich stock. It rarely is. Seems to me that what we are looking for is about 5 pounds of bone material for 1 cup of true stock. I haven't done the work yet for this to prove, and I hesitate because that will mean I am spending about 40 bucks for a pot full of true stock (meaning stock that is at the right ratio of molecules other:water).

A couple cups of store bought stock costs a few bucks. Surely they don't have THAT MUCH of an advantage to us in bone costs! But if this is right, this means my bowl of homemade soup costs about 10 bucks for a serving compared to buying the store's products at a fraction.

Seems to me that full-on from-scratch cooking should be CHEAPER than buying the processed crap at the store! Any thoughts on this tangent? (And this leads to other thoughts about demi-glace and so on)

Jacob Burton Thanks for the reply! For now, I think the questions are all on the table:

  1. What is the proper bone:veg:water ratio for rich stock
  2. At what point from here are we at a demi-glace (I assume half of half)
  3. At what point are we at a glaze? (I assume 10% of half of half--such that we reduce water by 1/2 for stock, 1/2 (or 1/4) for demiglace, and quite a bit more for a general beef (or other) glaze."
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