ACJ 025| Should Aspiring Chef's Go to Culinary School

Here is a question I get quite a bit, so I figured I'd answer it in an episode of ACJ for future anyone who needs to reference it in the future:

"Chef Jacob, my question is probably one you have heard before.  I am a home chef of over 30 years and I want to get to the next level in cooking, professional work.  I have the option of going to school or working my way up through a professional kitchen with a international hotel chain kitchen.

I will pay for school if need be, but do you feel working in the kitchen from bottom up, learning all the positions and growing from there is a valid option or should the focus be on school? I am willing and able to do all of the work either require so I'm good either way, I just want what is the more efficient way of studying.

Cree Summer"

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