How to Stuff and Cook a Frenched Chicken Leg

In a previous video, I demonstrated how to remove the thigh bone of a chicken hindquarter and while "Frenching" down the leg bone, which results in a semi boneless leg that you can then stuff. In this video, we'll go through a simple stuffing process and I'll demonstrate two different ways to actually cook the finished product.

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Stuffed Chicken Leg and Thigh


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This looks really tasty!


How does this compare, taste wise, to your world famous braised thighs?



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It's different then the thighs but I'd dare say better, albeit much more labor intensive.


Would this be comparable to preparing frenched frog legs?  You have a video on how to french them, but I would like to see your "Stella Cullinary basic" stuffing + preparation.  It's always nice to have a starting point when working with something new, ya know?