How To Clean And Prep Frisée | Video Technique

This video will teach you how to clean frisée.

This post is part of our ongoing Culinary Knife Skills Video Series, which teaches you a wide array of knife skills used in professional kitchens. For more information, you can also view our How To Cook Video Index.


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... or does it just look like curly endive or chicory?

Would dipping the head in cold water (stem attached) a good way of cleaning it? I've heard of (& used) this technique for cleaning vegetables such as leeks.
Jacob Burton
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Yes, frisée is also known as curly endive, although I've never heard it called that in a kitchen. The best way to wash is as you mentioned; dunking in cold water while holding onto the root end and continuing to gently plunge it up and down until all surface dirt is removed. Use a salad spinner to dry and then store in your fridge with a barely damp paper towel draped over the top.
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