French and Debone a Chicken Leg & Thigh

This video will demonstrate how to take a hind quarter, remove the thigh bone and then "French" the leg bone. What results is a semi-boneless chicken leg and thigh that can then be stuffed with any number of delicious fillings and force meats. For part two of this video, which demonstrates the stuffing and cooking process, click here.

Further Information

This post is part of our ongoing Culinary Knife Skills Video Series, which teaches you a wide array of knife skills used in professional kitchens. For more information, you can also view our How To Cook Video Index.




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Part two of this is only on YouTube. The link, above, goes to the video about butchering a chicken in less than 60 seconds and part two is not in the iTunes downloads. 
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Thanks for the heads up. The link is now fixed. Here's a direct url:
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