Braised Chicken Thighs - Video Recipe

In this video we make a version of Stella Culinary's  most popular recipe, our "World Famous Braised Chicken Thighs." Since a lot of the SC community has already made the original braised chicken thigh recipe, we change it up slightly by using sherry wine instead of balsamic vinegar and fry whole cloves of garlic to make an infused oil instead of using blanched garlic.

If you want to hone your culinary skills over the course of a couple days, buy a few whole chickens and break the chicken down into its separate parts. Use the bones to make a roasted chicken stock which you can then use to braise the thighs. The following day, use the breasts to make a poached chicken roulade. Practice your sauteing technique by serving the roulade with sauted vegetables such as english peas, pearl onions, and/or fava beans. Sauce with a a reinforced chicken stock that's been turned into a pan reduction sauce to round out an epic training session.

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Well teach, you deviated from your original recipe a few times. Is this a test? ;-)

The use of onion is new. I made it tonight using your modified version and what is not to like about the onions. I didn't add the additional chicken stock at the end cause I was just too hungry and didn't want to wait. I also couldn't omit the balsamic vinegar. To me it is a huge part of this dish.

I have used garlic three ways in this dish. Your original blanched, the new fried and finally just throwing a couple of bulbs of pealed garlic (Russian red) just before braising. All are good, each with interesting flavor profiles. The pealed raw cloves of garlic are my favorite by just a bit. There is more of a good garlic aftertaste with the raw cloves.

I also make the rice with a few fennel seeds in the water. Adds a nice flavor to the rice.

This is the recipe that got me to FCS and Stella and is still one of my all time favorites. You are a star for this one, Chef!
Jacob Burton
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Thanks skfly,

I figured since the first version was so simple I'd switch it up a little bit for the video, not necessarily making it any harder, just showing that its the technique that's important, not necessarily the recipe.

I think sometimes people get too attached to a singular recipe, when really it's all about the technique and making sure the skin never gets submerged below the stock. That and attention to building flavors are what really make this dish so tasty.

I'm glad you choose to experiment with the dish and make it yours. ;-)
Mike Ayers

Just made the braised chicken thighs (my first recipe from Stella), and they turned out!  Below is a picture.


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Awesome! Looks great. I'm glad you enjoyed the recipe.


For anyone looking for the text on this recipe:



World-Famous Braised Chicken Thighs from



4 Chicken thighs, bone-in, skin-on, Salted

Canola Oil

10 Cloves crushed garlic

One onion – julienned

One pound Crimini mushrooms – quartered

One ounce unsalted butter

Pour of balsamic vinegar

Freshly cracked black pepper

Four cups chicken stock

Couple handfuls baby spinach

Steamed rice


Preheat oven to 400 Fahrenheit

Large skillet, medium-high heat, canola oil

Add garlic cloves, fry until golden-brown

Remove from pan

Place chicken, skin-side down until skin golden brown, cook couple minutes on opposite side

Remove chicken

Add onion – deglaze, salt, cook until caramelized

Add mushrooms and butter.  Cook to develop fond in bottom of pan

Deglaze with balsamic vinegar

Add freshly cracked black pepper

Add fried garlic shortly after

Reduce to Au Sec (Almost dry)

Add two cups chicken stock and bring to a simmer

Add chicken thighs to pan, skin-side up (above level of liquid)

Braise in oven for 45 minutes

Remove from oven, remove chicken, add 2 cups chicken stock

Remove pan halfway from heat, skim scum off surface

Reduce until sauce is richly flavored

Add couple handfuls of baby spinach – begin wilting

Add chicken thighs back to pan for roughly 60 seconds


Serve over steamed rice

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