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Culinary knife skills video - HD

Culinary knife skill techniques are one of the first things you need to master to work in a professional kitchen or just take your cooking to the next level. A large part of a commercial kitchen's operation revolves around their daily prep; there is no quality prep without efficient and accurate knife skills. 

This HD video series will start with the basics, like how to set up your cutting board, hold your knife and basic skills like dicing and julienne. The series then moves into more advanced prep techniques, along with tutorials on how to sharpen your knife, butchery, and basic meat fabrication. 

"Knife Skills - HD" was formulated as an extension of SCS Episode 1| Basic Knife Skills, an audio lecture covering this subject. It is highly recommended that you listen to this lecture before watching these videos. As this is on ongoing series, if you have any request for new knife skill technique videos, please leave them in the comment section below.


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CKS 1| Securing Your Cutting Board

Before you can start practicing your knife skills, you must first secure your cutting board. Properly securing your cutting board will keep it from sliding around on your work surface while slicing, dicing and chopping.
CKS 2| Professional Knife Grip Learn how to hold your knife using the professional pinch grip, which will improve your speed, accuracy and efficiency.
CKS 3| Using Your Guide Hand How to use your guide hand for safe and accurate cutting.
CKS 4| Three Major Knife Movements The three major knife movements that you'll be using for the best knife skills possible.
CKS 5| Dice, Julienne, Brunoise & Batonnet The most basic of all knife skill techniques, this video will show you how to dice, julienne, brunoise & batonnet.
CKS 6| Dicing Onions How to properly dice an onion.
CKS 7| Julienne Onion How to properly julienne an onion quickly and efficiently.
CKS 8| Finely Minced Red Onion How to finely mince red onion to avoid bleeding of color and flavor.
CKS 9| Seed & Dice a Tomato Properly seed and dice a tomato.
CKS 10| Minced Parsley How to mince parsley.
CKS 11| Chiffonade How to chiffonade, a technique commonly used to slice herb leafs such as basil into hair-like strands.
CKS 12| Bell Peppers How to seed, dice and julienne bell peppers.
CKS 13| Portobello Mushroom Clean, slice and dice a portobella mushroom.
CKS 14| Lemon Wedges For Garnish How to seed and slice lemon wedges for garnish.
CKS 15| Avocado Pit, sliced and dice an avocado
CKS 16| Ginger How to peel, slice and mince ginger root, a common ingredient in Asian cuisine.
CKS 17| Quickly Peeling Vegetables How to quickly and efficiently peel long vegetables such as carrots & parsnips.
CKS 18| Garlic How to peel and mince garlic.
CKS 19| Slicing Mushrooms How to properly slice mushrooms.
CKS 20| Pineapple How to peel, slice and dice pineapple.
CKS 21| Seeded Melons Peel, seed and slice melons such as cantaloupe and honeydew.
CKS 22| Citrus Supremes Cut citrus segments free of pith and seed; commonly used as a garnish or addition to composed salads.
CSK 23| Cleaning Frisée How to prep and clean frisée, a bitter green that is commonly used in European Cuisine.
CKS 24| Asian Style Dice & Julienne Dice and julienne technique common used in Asian Cuisine.
CKS 25| Sharpening Your Knife Using An Oil Tri-Stone How to sharpen a knife using an oil tri-stone. This method is normally reserved for German manufactured blades.
CKS 26| Sharpening With A Water Stone How to sharpen your knife using a water stone. This method is normally reserved for Japanese manufactured blades.
CKS 27| Butchering A Whole Chicken How to breakdown a whole chicken into eight parts (wing, breast, thigh, leg).
CKS 28| Airline Chicken Breast How to fabricate a chicken airline breast.
CKS 29| Breaking Down a Chicken in Under 60 Seconds This video shows that with using complementary movements and a good flow, you can efficiently do an eight part chicken breakdown, including airline breasts, in 60 seconds.
CKS 30| Chicken Lollipops How to fabricate chicken lollipops.
CKS 31| Breaking Down Duck Learn how to break down a duck, which is very similar to breaking down a whole chicken.    
CKS 32| Butchering A Pork Rack Learn how to break down a pork rack into bone in pork chops.     
CKS 33| Ahi Loin Learn how to butcher an Ahi loin into either steaks or sashimi.
CKS 34| Carrots - Dice & Julienne Viewer requested video on how to dice and julienne a carrot. If you have your own video request, please leave them in comments section or send them to jacob [at]
CKS 35| How To Butcher A Beef Tenderloin Learn how to quickly and efficiently break down a beef tenderloin, resulting in the fabrication of beef filets. These filets are commonly referred to as "Filet Mignon," but technically speaking, the "Mingnon" only comes from the bottom tail portion and is normally cut 1-2" thick.
CKS 36| How To Cut A Cucumber This video will demonstrate a couple different ways to slice, seed and dice a cucumber.
CKS 37| How To Slice Celery Viewer requested video on how to slice and dice celery.
CKS 38| Portioning Halibut Learn how to break down large sides of halibut into individual fillet portions.
CKS 39| Watermelon: How To Peel, Slice and Dice This video will teach you how to peel, slice and dice a whole watermelon. The finished product can then be use for a salad or fruit tray.
CKS 40| Butchering a Whole Salmon This video will teach you how breakdown, fillet and portion a whole salmon, from start to finish.
CKS 41| Safely Wash a Chef's Knife Quick video on how to safely wash your chef's knife.
CKS 42| Debone Chicken Leg & Thigh Learn how to debone a chicken leg and thigh.
CKS 43| French & Debone Chicken Leg & Thigh This video will demonstrate how to French and Debone a chicken leg and thigh, that can later be stuffed and cooked.


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