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Hey there,

From What I know a velouté is a white roux with stock? 

I have Found a recipe for a sorrel velouté, (

Is this just a Modern Velouté using the Cream whipper to lighten the texture? 


would this velouté be possible to make using a classical base, aka a roux? (or any other vegtable based velouté for that matter.)


I am Extremely curious, and I will ask more and more questions as time passes!


Thanks, Chris

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Looks like a modern approach to veloute, using the blending of the ingredients and the siphon to give the sauce it's body and viscosity instead of the classic roux. I think if you used a classic roux with this modern approach, the sauce would come out much heavier, possibly over-powering the oysters.


BTW, welcome to the site and thanks for the link. That website looks pretty cool.


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