Stella Cast 005| Chicken Mumblings

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I mumble my way through a couple chicken topics, giving you some good, albeit boring, tips on cooking chicken legs & breasts, and chicken galantine.

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ACJ 013| Brining Beef

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Brining beef is discussed, including what cuts you should brine, and why some cuts are best left alone.



ACJ 012| Fried Rice, Tender Meat & MSG

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Questions regarding Chinese style fried rice, tender meat, and MSG are answered.



ACJ 011| Cooking Pizza & Bread on a Gas Grill

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We trouble shoot baking bread and cooking Neapolitan pizza on an outdoor gas grill.




ACJ 010| Potato Fritter Problems

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How to make potato fritters using leftover mashed potatoes.



Stella Cast 004| Crispy Skin

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In this episode of Stella Cast, we talk about the best approaches for achieving crispy skin when cooking chicken, pork, and duck, and spend some time discussing how this can enhance your ability to serve and cook crispy chicken wings.

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Stella Cast 003| Sourdough Baguettes, Double Hydration, Soy Lecithin

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This one's for the bread heads! We talk sourdough baguettes and why you need to bake at a higher temperature than traditional breads, and I give Tmorrision feedback on his sourdough boule. I answer a question on double hydration sourdoughs, and how soy lecithin can be used to enhance your breads that contain fat. We finish the conversation troubleshooting large holes in the interior crumb of a bread.

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Stella Cast 002| Pink Salt in Brines, Tyndallization, Duck Confit

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In this episode we talk about using sodium nitrite when brining pork for added flavor and color retention, and how the addition of baking soda can lead to more tenderness. We also talk about "tyndallization" and if that concept can allow you to sterilize meats for long term storage using sous vide. Then we finish this episode with a quick question about fats turning rancid after being used for confit, and get an update from Mack-The-Knife on his Halloween dinner preparation, talking about pumpkin pie and cheese cake.

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Stella Cast 001| Pork Stew, Infused Oils, Mother Sauces & Eggs

Stella Cast

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Well ...

... you asked for it.

At least some of you did.

So here it is, "Stella Cast!," the newest addition to the Stella Culinary content line-up.

A few months ago I started doing audio response to a lot of the more in-depth forum questions being posted on Stella Culinary. When somebody needed a long, detailed answer, it was just easier for me to turn on the microphone and explain the answer in a conversational tone.

The audio answers started to catch on, and soon I was doing a mini-podcast for a core group of forum fanatics.

As the demand for the audio grew, I realized I needed an outlet that just allowed me to talk in a less structured environment, as if we were sitting down for coffee or a beer, discussing food, the culinary industry, and sharing passionate opinions.

So here it is, the very first "official" episode of Stella Cast, which I didn't even know was going to be the first episode of this series until I stopped recording.

What Is Stella Cast!

Think of Stella Cast! as 1/2 talk show, 1/2 news service, and 1/2 culinary Q&A.

Basically I aggregate everything that's going on in the Stella Culinary Universe and turn it into podcast form. This allows you to stay up to date on the Stella Culinary forums, behind the scenes happenings, and really anything else that I feel like talking about.

While a lot of the audio podcasts will be me flying solo and answering forum questions, I will also be tapping into other industry professionals in the form of interviews and guest co-hosts to bring interesting perspectives from different areas of the culinary arts.

In This Episode

We jump on Mack-The-Knife's Halloween inspired dinner, talking about braised pork stew with apples. We also talk infused oils and how they can be incorporated into various dishes, sauces, & emulsions; I answer PagenBear's question on how to best practice the Five French Mother Sauces, and we finish the episode talking scrambled eggs and omelets.

Commenting & Asking Questions

If you have a question or comment on the specific topics we covered, please try to ask them in their related forum threads so we can keep the conversation going. Anything else can be left in the comment section below.

The threads discussed in this episode were:

Moving Forward

From here on out, I will try to post at least one episode of Stella Cast! per week, and possibly even more frequently, demand and time permitting.

One of the nice things about the audio responses in the past, is I was able to quickly record and post my responses. This rapid fire posting will continue, which means the show notes of each Stella Cast! will be minimal at best. I'll be looking towards the seasoned Stella Culinary community members to help fill in the gaps by posting applicable links, resources, information, etc, in the comment section of each post.

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ACJ 009| Tips for Being a Professional Chef


In this episode we talk about what it takes to be a chef; everything from basic management skills, to food costing.

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