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Black Berry Preserves

This Black Berry Preserve recipe was originally developed as a garnish for a summer pork chop dish. It has a nice savory touch and isn't overly sweet. Use this black berry preserve for pork, duck, seared foie gras and game such as elk.


Brown Sugar Simple Syrup

This simple syrup was originally developed as a component in a pan sauce that I served with duck. See recipe notes for more information on the duck dish.


Honeydew Mint Pesto

This Melon-Mint "Pesto" was originally developed for a summer short rib dish that was served with seared watermelon and pickled rind. It was a fun play on fruit and beef, and people really enjoyed the preparation. To be completely honest though, this sauce was so specific to this dish, I'm not sure I would ever put it with anything else or even make it again for that matter. This recipe is here just for the sake of completeness; who knows, maybe 20 years from now I'll rediscover and use it again.


Spicy Mustard Sauce

This sauce was originally developed as a trio of dipping sauces served with grilled pork lettuce wraps. Its a fairly universal sauce that goes great with sturdy salads and roasted meats such as chicken and pork.


Spicy Peanut Dipping Sauce

This recipe was originally developed as a dipping sauce for our Thai Style French Fries served at Stella. This peanut sauce is a little thicker then normal and has a nice little kick to it. It will also go great with chicken, beef or pork, especially satay. Recipe yield is calculated in grams to make scaling easier. See notes section for portioning info.


Kaffir Lime Aioli

This kaffir lime aioli was originally developed as a dressing for our Thai inspired french fries served at Stella. I love kaffir lime because it just permeates with tropical fruit and citrus. This aioli will work great for just about anything you'd use a citrus aioli for, just taken to the next level.


Garlic-Thyme Emulsion

Garlic Thyme Emulsion Recipe
This sauce was originally developed for a summer salmon dish that was paired with some slow roasted vegetables. Garlic-thyme emulsion goes well with fish, roasted vegetables and poultry such as chicken breast and squab.


Spicy Aioli

A nice, spicy aioli that goes great with fish or tempura.


Aioli - Basic Recipe

Aioli differs from mayonnaise by the addition of raw garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. However, aioli in recent years has become synonymous with a flavored mayonnaise. Here is a base recipe for aioli which can be used as is or doctored with your own choice of flavorings.


Mayonnaise - Basic Recipe

Basic mayonnaise recipe.

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