Peach-Poppy Emulsion

A sweet summer emulsion that we used for a grilled quail and peach salad dish.


Honey Anchovie Aioli

This aioli is rich and flavorful; the umami brought by the boquerones make it a great condiment for many applications.


Spicy Mustard Sauce

This sauce was originally developed as a trio of dipping sauces served with grilled pork lettuce wraps. Its a fairly universal sauce that goes great with sturdy salads and roasted meats such as chicken and pork.


Kaffir Lime Aioli

This kaffir lime aioli was originally developed as a dressing for our Thai inspired french fries served at Stella. I love kaffir lime because it just permeates with tropical fruit and citrus. This aioli will work great for just about anything you'd use a citrus aioli for, just taken to the next level.


Garlic-Thyme Emulsion

Garlic Thyme Emulsion Recipe
This sauce was originally developed for a summer salmon dish that was paired with some slow roasted vegetables. Garlic-thyme emulsion goes well with fish, roasted vegetables and poultry such as chicken breast and squab.


Spicy Aioli

A nice, spicy aioli that goes great with fish or tempura.


Aioli - Basic Recipe

Aioli differs from mayonnaise by the addition of raw garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. However, aioli in recent years has become synonymous with a flavored mayonnaise. Here is a base recipe for aioli which can be used as is or doctored with your own choice of flavorings.


Mayonnaise - Basic Recipe

Basic mayonnaise recipe.


Macadamia Nut Puree

This is a simple, emulsified puree that goes great with vegetables, fish and mild meats such as chicken breast and pork tenderloin. This recipe was originally developed as a garnish for a sushi roll.


Tomato Vierge

Tomato Vierge is a simple yet flavorful emulsion of tomatoes, aromatics and oil. It is most notably missing egg, which makes this preparation much lighter then it's sister sauce, aioli.

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