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Joined: 05/11/2015
Stella Stars: 10
Hi Jacob,
First, THANKS for doing this BRILLIANT work .. have researched a lot over the years & read many a chefs around the globe .. trust me when i say; many very good in their own ways,  none as good as you in terms of depth of knowledge, teaching complex with simplicity.. a mark of a true genius ... My salutes & sincere compliments .. do give me a shout if i can be of any service in my humble capacity ..
downloaded "The Secrets Of Flavour Structure" & would like to have all the volumes in the series .. please let me know the cost  
"Bliss Point" (salt, sugar & fat) .. how & from where can i get a formula to calculate "bliss point" for various preparations?

Where can i find food / ingredient pairing list

Jacob Burton
Jacob Burton's picture
Joined: 11/01/2010
Stella Stars: 17890
Hey FC,

Welcome to Stella Culinary, and I'm glad you're enjoying the F is for Flavor Bonus. I'm working on making the rest of the curriculum available, but it still needs some work. Since you're on our e-mail list, you'll be notified when it's released.

As far as calculating bliss point, I assume you're referring to the concept discussed in the book 'Salt Sugar Fat' by Michael Moss. I'm not sure how exactly food scientists calculate their bliss point, but from a cook's perspective, it's all about creating balanced and complex flavors.

In F is for Flavor, I talk about a "Flavor Punch." That's a good starting place to create a "bliss point."

For a food and ingredient pairing list, I highly recommend The Flavor Bible.
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