About Stella Culinary

Stella Culinary is more than just the physical location of a Lake Tahoe restaurant. It is an idea; a thought that says we must all be life long learners, we must advocate for those who are fighting the good fight in the culinary industry and we must share our knowledge freely and with abandon.

Our website's purpose is to be an ongoing educational site. Our flagship show, The Stella Culinary School Podcast, strives to replicate the same lectures you would find at a top rate culinary school, starting with the most basic concepts, with each subsequent episode building on the last. These lectures are reinforced by in-depth HD video series, such as knife skills, kitchen prep and cooking techniques. You can even reinforce your knowledge on a certain subject by taking the associated quiz, asking a question on the forum or even submitting your "home-work" that's assigned at the end of most audio lectures.

Unlike regular culinary schools, Stella Culinary is always growing and evolving. In a normal culinary school, you're expected to get through a certain amount of curriculum in a defined period of time. Stella Culinary aspires to grow with you, adding fresh content on a weekly basis, much of which is spawned from questions and requests from readers like you. Best of all, all of the information on Stella Culinary is absolutely free.

All of the recipes offered on this site have been tested by the Stella Kitchen Staff, certified by Chef Jacob, and served at Stella. This, however, should in no way inspire you to follow our recipes. In fact, the whole purpose of this site is to give you the knowledge and techniques required to create your own recipes. It's the difference between learning how to read music and how to write a song, or maybe even a symphony.

Beyond our commitment to freely sharing knowledge, what really makes Stella Culinary unique is that we're an actual working restaurant where you can come in for dinner or take private, in person cooking classes. All of our lesson plans are laid out by Executive Chef Jacob Burton, and most of our video is shot in the Stella Kitchen.

Stella Restaurant is located in Truckee, California, and is part of The Cedar House Sport Hotel. We are open for dinner service Wednesday thru Sunday, 5:30pm-Close. For reservations, please call 530-582-5655.